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If you're thinking of hiring another realtor? Don't. Hire Dani.

Before understanding our review of Dani you must first understand us. My wife, a professor, and myself an engineer, live in Lexington and are very particular and in general we usually end up being disappointed by people we work with. I can’t think of the last time I wanted to write a positive review about someone we’ve hired so with that in mind you should take this take away just how special Dani Fleming is. Simply put, she exceeded all of our expectations and we could not imagine using anyone else to sell or buy a house.  If you’re thinking about another Realtor don’t.  Hire Dani, you won’t regret it.

Before I go into why Dani is so great, I should also point out that we interviewed 4 highly recommended realtors from the area before deciding on Dani, all of which were good, but no Dani! So we did our homework and there are lots of other people who love Dani as well.

From our first meeting, when Dani and her husband Marcus showed up we were impressed. They come armed with a huge amount of market data and information. This isn’t ‘fluff’ information like you might get from some realtors, this is very detailed information which helps educate you as a seller about how and when to sell your house. Her energy during that first meeting was amazing and it followed through during the whole process. During the initial interview process she walked through our house and pointed out various things we should do including where furniture should be moved. But just as importantly she told us what wasn't worth doing.  We found the other realtors were more interested in making sure they had a customer locked in before giving actionable advice. For us the early information was critical because from the time we interviewed our first realtor to the time we sold our house was 2 ½ weeks, so we had no time to waste.

Once we hired her she came in to stage our house. She brought in lots of lovely pieces which turned our usually out of control house into a work of art. I should also point out that not all staging is created equal. She really did a fabulous job, much nicer than some of the staging’s I’ve seen in other houses. She used movers to move our bigger pieces of furniture so it would be easier for my wife and I (who have busy lives because of our jobs and kids). Next came the marketing of the house. Her photos were beautiful and unlike many realtors she took LOTS of photos which gives the people a great understanding of the house before ever showing up. She also shoots a real video. This isn’t a video like many realtors which is just pictures stitched together. This is done with a videographer with Dani’s voice talking about the features of the house. Next she set up a dedicated web-page for us and then had our house put up all over the web. Postcards were mailed around, etc… She also had great imagination about how to describe our house in words and sell its benefits. Most listing are rather bland where Dani’s make you want to live in the house you are reading about. Basically there wasn’t much she didn’t do to market the house!

The main open house on the Saturday she had food as well, but most incredibly she brought a harpist to play at our house! This may seem over the top but it makes a memorable experience and one that makes people remember the house. We loved it! Sunday there was an open house and Tuesday final offers were accepted. We had friends show up at the open house and they reported that she was the perfect combination of engaging but not pushing and made the people coming through the house feel welcome.

Needless to say all of her marketing paid off and we got *WAY* over our asking price, significantly higher than we thought possible, even in this sellers market. And she did all this while putting up with my wife and I which is no small task.

We loved her so much that we are going to use her to sell our other house which is a rental property in Waltham. I can't wait for another great experience. In this house we’re going to be already out of the area and Dani is going to help organize contractors and get the house fixed up to sell for us while we’re not even there. Awesome!

As I said earlier, If you’re thinking about another Realtor don’t.  Hire Dani, you won’t regret it.

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